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Investing made easy...

Willis Owen is one of the UK’s leading execution only investment service providers, delivering market leading tools that will enable you to make informed choices when researching prospective funds, as well as reviewing and managing your own portfolio.

Online capability for buying, switching or valuing your portfolio 24/7 here at
Our NISA Switch and Transfer Service allows you to move between funds and retain the tax benefits.
Our Re-Registration Services give you 24/7 access to your complete portfolio and simplifies the paperwork too!
From just £50 per month for the fund of your choice and you still benefit from the same great discounts that lump sum investors receive whether you are investing in an NISA, Unit Trust or OEIC.
Our Fund Space powered by Financial Express is a place where you can search for funds you are invested in or would like to invest in and see how they measure up against other funds.
Our Researched Funds Area provides a selection of Growth and Income funds from a variety of IMA Sector by our Research Partner OBSR Morningstar.
A one-stop-shop for reviewing your investment funds with user-friendly portfolio analysis, using a single set of log in details.
Play Space offers you the tools to build a virtual portfolio for you to manage and monitor its performance over time, until you're ready to invest.
Call our Customer Services Team FREE on 0800 597 2525 for friendly, helpful guidance from a real person not a computer.

And, of course, your FREE annual NISA and Investment Guide featuring a range of funds for both growth and income seekers and all with no initial charge.

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